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Wtf did i just see..

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1. Unica ija.
2. Reads Percy Jackson. TY to my ex-seatmates who influenced me to.
3. Dedicated to learning (sa mga experiences, failures. Di kanang Math, English)
4. A Go-getter (says yes to everything including drugs)
5. Wants to be a filmmaker, screenplay writer, youtuber, traveler, singer, sky diver and a rocker (rock n’ roll rakista Divina)
6. Values silence
7. Doesn’t have phone.
8. Listens to Bisrock (don’t judge me )
9. Tado-look-a-like
10. A “NOW” and a futuristic person.
11. Regrets none for everything happens for a reason
12. Anne Frank inspired person
13. Curious about almost everything. Except drugs, sex and etc. (Kay i’m an expert about it.) Hahaha!
14. Loves to talk about “life”
15. Can have a really really deep conversation to anyone..
16. Hates no one
17. Collects Muji notebooks. (Ehemm-ehemm)
18. Uses a mini notebook as a wallet.
19. Often shampoos hair.
20. Can stand without taking a bath for a week.
20. Likes to take risk and do everything.

Mana ko ha!

Bucketlist no. 7 check!

??? It’s a secret.

The half-bloods in Poseidon’s.


"Over the summer, I had also begun to talk with this Italian girl by my computer.
We had never met, she was incredibly beautiful and we talked almost constandly.
As many Italians, she didn’t really know English too well. So, I had to wait around for like 20 minutes for a reply to my messages.
She’d gotten to know my videos through a friend, whom told her to ‘watch this idiot, playing videogames.’
Apparently, she liked that idiot. And I liked her a lot, aswell. But, I knew it didn’t mean anything, unless we actually met.
If it was something that I learnt at this point, it’s that if you want something, grab it. Otherwise, you’ll just regret yourself.
So, after barely two months, I decided to travel to Italy to visit her. I hadn’t traveled alone before and we hadn’t spoken directly at each other.”


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Pa healthy healthy.


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Glacier National Park ,MT

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